Gilded. High wealth, blessed investors, cursed diamonds. July 27 2021. The question, debate, and ultimately, call to action in making a renaissance: are we creating wealth or merely redistributing it?

A Renaissance for Southwest Virginia. By Robbie Harris. July 23 2021. Interview of Mary Trigiani for WVTF, Virginia’s Public Radio.

Gimmicks. The better bank, the right documents, the smell of fuel. July 22 2021. Gimmicks may have worked in burlesque (See “Gypsy” by Sondheim, “You gotta have a gimmick If you wanna have a chance”, etc.) but in most businesses, they can be trouble. Especially if the audience is being deliberately tricked. A company does not grow via spin or stunt and neither does a renaissance.

Endurance. Jazz, architecture, leadership. July 21 2021. Things swirl during a renaissance and it can be so satisfying to hang on and create, whatever the challenges.

Sketch. Math, Wingdings, Van Gogh. July 16 2021. All innovators must be welcomed on the scene. Even and especially the mathematicians, who are often the overlooked artists in a renaissance.

Electric. Beethoven, Alma Thomas, Digger Phelps. July 15 2021. Feeling inspired by the individuals in today’s stories, because they demonstrate the importance of the unconventional in life. Renaissance-makers stick out their necks. With gusto.

Women in Public Affairs to Know: Mary Trigiani July 6 2021. This interview is part of a series on “Women in Public Affairs to Know,” by the McGuireWoods Consulting Women in Public Affairs initiative. To learn more about the initiative or recommend a woman for a future interview, please visit the McGuireWoods Consulting website. The interview was conducted by Michele Satterlund, senior vice president on McGuireWoods Consulting’s Virginia State Government Relations team and Margaret Rockwell, assistant vice president on McGuireWoods Consulting’s Infrastructure and Economic Development team.

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