About Mary Trigiani

In well-run businesses, problems become products and services that make money. In well-run government initiatives, you see a return-on-investment of taxpayer dollars.

Mary Trigiani is an executive, communicator and commentator. She converts ideas, concepts, visions and strategies into compelling market positions, powerful messages and practical implementation.

Mary speaks to the making of a renaissance in today’s world. She calls for an innovative, responsible approach to investment in public infrastructure, centered in public-private collaboration. She advocates an orientation to delivering solutions instead of building institutions to manage problems — complete with performance measures and indicators. And she envisions a private sector that leads the way in fulfilling the promise of fairness to all workers.

The siren call to invest in infrastructure requires an obsession with solutions. This is a call to act, not to meander. To solve problems, not to keep them alive so we have something to do.

Mary has held management and advisory roles in asset management, banking, technology, consulting and government. For more information about Mary’s work, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Growth comes in between the pivots – and job security is in what you deliver, not in what you take. The most profound, rewarding results happen when you can deliver alongside others who are fair, in teams that come together around a product, a service, or an idea.

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