2006 — where the leaders can go

A happy new year?  Yes, definitely.  But how about a happy year?  Here’s where we can go in the contentment department for the next twelve months.  More about each in the coming weeks.

To character in business.  Self explanatory.

To romantic ideals in corporate positioning.  How we should be positioning, who should in charge of the creative thinking process.  Hint:  not ex-matadors with cigar complexes.

To the Internet in context.  Using technology to serve business and re-define process appropriately — not just for the sake of the technological ego.

To assimilation.  Integrating around a shared, unifying purpose — nations and companies — without sacrificing diversity.

To competitive differentiation.  Telling the corporate story in terms of what is different — and true — in products and services.

To editing.  Knowing what, and what not, to say.

To a sense of urgency.  About products, services, customers, corporate legacy, market value. 

To the certain return of the hero boss.  Taking up where THE ECONOMIST left us last summer.

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