Blogging, international style

Last week, I learned that, just like us, Italians call the computer tool a mouse [a client from Italy laughed when I called it a topo — too much watching Topo Gigio on The Ed Sullivan Show, I guess].  Despite this little sbaglio, I’ve been asked by San Francisco’s Business Association Italy America  to participate on an expert panel.  We’ll converse about the role of blogging in that ephemeral, morphing professional category known as marketing.  I hope I have the chance to talk about why I don’t feel compelled to write daily or even weekly.  Still, with luck and a little breeze sent by the time management gods, there will be plenty of subject matter in 2007 to dissect in this space.  That was a hint.  Arrivederci.

One thought on “Blogging, international style”

  1. Blogs and Marketing Event in San Francisco

    I would like to use the space of Novedge blog to announce a very interesting event I am organizing for BAIA, the Business Association Italy America. The event will take place here in San Francisco Thursday February 8, at Cooley


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