Godspeed to Wrightspeed

Just heard Ian Wright, inventor of the Wrightspeed X1, talk about his creation.  There we were, south of Market at Club Sportiva — the automotive membership club — surrounded by Lamborghinis, Ferraris, a Lotus, a Jaguar and a Rolls Royce.  The only thing missing was James Bond.  And there Mr Wright was, with his X1, showing us the video proof that electric beats fossil every time on the racetrack.  At least it looked that way to me — I’m sure all the racing people out there can cut the numbers a million different ways.  [Documentary coming up on Discovery Channel.]  I thought, well, if this concept can be ported over to the racing industry, great.  What a waste of fuel.  Sorry, race fans.  But then, at the end of Wright’s presentation, there was the news that he’s planning to use the technology in SUVs!  Flawless logic:  the greatest consumption of fuel is not by the easy-to-enhance economy car segment but by our pickups and four wheel drives.  Wright figures, why not address the source of the most use.  Thank you to Business Association Italy America — BAIA — for hosting a terrific, hopeful presentation among some delightful motorcars.

One thought on “Godspeed to Wrightspeed”

  1. …you got it, Mary!
    I missed that at the end of the presentation (was still in awe about the performance of that “thing”): that’s why he needs the powerful engine!
    In Europe, during the oil-crunched ‘80s, turbo-enhanced diesel engines were broadly and successfully introduced to a particular segment of the market: independent contractors driving long distances on business (particularly independent sales rep and small -vans- transporter), and subsequently became mainstream.
    Here it would be just the opposite: if you are driving your Hummer up-and-down the Sierra, on long distances, away from the necessary e-power grid (+/-0.1% of the Hummer “population”) feel free to go fuel (and broke…);
    If, like me, you’d drive it for short runs to the beach, to Safeway or the mall… hey! Electric may just pay for part of the boat I’d be towing, the grocery, or (a lot) of movies…
    Only, he may want to add some artificial noise: a speedy Hummer with a silent electric engine may just qualify as Weapon of Mass Destruction…
    Pedestrians: watch out!


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