Out of the mouths of babes, the key success factor for social media success

Social media startups are giving people, and soon, companies, new and sometimes startling ways to strengthen their communities.  These startups are introducing what I believe is an entirely new age, as influential and society-changing as the Industrial Age.

But first.  There is a great deal we can learn from studying history and the factors essential to success in rolling out new technology.  Remember, there were a lot of wacky inventions that lasted just a few days in the early stages of the Industrial Revolution.  We're going to see the same in our day.

One of the success factors:  make sure your invention not only works but is relevant to the people you want using it.  And accept when people don't find it relevant.

It was a great pleasure to read Jessica Mah's blog post today about this very subject.  Jessica is an entrepreneur stepping out of early fame without losing her balance.  She's someone to watch.  And not just because she's so young and a woman.  She is using her head.

Read this post.  You'll enjoy it.