The future of marketing

It's refreshing to see writing at the top of this list from The Future Buzz, capturing the writer's opinion about the 15 necessities for tomorrow's marketing career.  Usually, if someone can write, he or she can think.  "Can write" means more than stringing together words; it means making a point with a beginning, a middle and an end.  Whether or not you're writing a blog post or a brochure.  I'm glad to see writing make the top of one list, at least.

The folks at the Marcus Graham Project know this.  Their presentation during a week of AAAA gatherings in San Francisco was refreshing because it addressed an old problem in new way.  They are shining a big, bright light on television and how we watch it, and they're integrating the traditional message — caution of over-watching — with delivery that young people can understand.  Without sacrificing the quality of the writing.  The project is asking questions many entrenched advertising gurus should be asking — and the project's leaders are offering solutions that make sense and entertain while they engage a new demographic in industry leadership.

I hope these guys keep writing.

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