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Lessons from a leader who looked to heaven but kept his feet on the ground

Last month, FAST COMPANY blogger David Gardner shared a memorial tribute to Paul L Locatelli, SJ, the president of Santa Clara University who passed away after a two-month illness.  Father Locatelli was something of a legend in Northern California; I had heard of his talents in management and fundraising, but this eloquent eulogy by Mr Gardner explored the qualities of Father Locatelli's style in a way I hadn't seen.  Please take a moment to read it.

Here are the basics of Father Locatelli's approach to leadership, as captured by Mr Gardner, that I took away and will keep in front of me.

  • Commit fully to your company, from vision, to strategy, to execution
  • Make commitments, not promises
  • Be relentless in pursuing your goals and don't lose heart
  • Keep speeches short and idle time shorter, all the while moving to the next thing
  • Make a list and get it done
  • Feed your physical, mental and spiritual selves equally
  • Pay attention to the people in your circles by engaging wholeheartedly with them; make time for them always
  • Listen intently
  • When someone asks for help, find a way to do it without hesitation
  • Emphasize the opportunities in life
  • Look for a value that serves others as well as yourself and honor it through optimal performance

Ada Lovelace: The pioneer we celebrate today

As you can see from this post by Daniela Barbosa, Ada Lovelace still inspires women centuries beyond her time.  Lovelace, a pioneering technologist, led a life not so much in the shadows but shadowed by the restrictions of her time and place.  Now that many of the limits have faded, I hope that young women so inclined jump into technology, to enjoy the bounty of discovery.

Become a venture capitalist — play the Startup Bus game

The South by Southwest [SXSW] conference/event/gathering is happening next week, and this year, there's a unique event that occurs on the way to Austin, Texas, where SXSW is held.  It's the Startup Bus.  Six teams are developing a startup idea while they ride the bus to Austin.  Regular folks can use virtual dollars to invest in the startup of their choice.

Daniela Barbosa, the information scientist and Dow Jones exec, writes about the competition on her blog.  Our colleague and recent transplant to the US, Elias Bizannes of, is the Brain Behind the Bus.  Visit the Startup Bus site.  Become an investor.  It's fun!

Cloud computing: March 1 2010

The titans of Silicon Valley were talking about cloud computing in the late 1990s — way before anyone called it cloud computing.  I remember Larry Ellison telling Charlie Rose that one day, we'd be accessing our data from a box on our desks, but the data would be off somewhere in a central server, not in the box. 

Today, whole businesses are building in the cloud, offering companies of every size the ability to manage information strategically — affording a focus on the various communities consuming the information, not where the information is stored.

ReadWriteWeb's excellent ReadWriteCloud, the online publication, just ran this article.  While it addresses cloud recovery and whether it's a new name for the simple backup, the article serves as a solid immersion into the value of cloud computing.  

About That Twitter: February 24 2010

Lots of folks weighed in today on the subject of how Twitter can be profitable and how to assess its progress.  Here are three of them.

Supernova: Thought leading clips from the morning sessions

Some takeaway points from the Supernova conference, morning of the second day.

Supernova: Law meets technology

The meteoric rise of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as social communications tools like Twitter, pose a series of new legal questions.  Here's how panelists Denise Howell ["This Week in Law"], Alex Macgillivray [Twitter], Kerry Krzynowek [Deloitte] and Gabe Ramsey [Orrick] begin to answer themRead the rest of this post on