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Ada Lovelace: The pioneer we celebrate today

As you can see from this post by Daniela Barbosa, Ada Lovelace still inspires women centuries beyond her time.  Lovelace, a pioneering technologist, led a life not so much in the shadows but shadowed by the restrictions of her time and place.  Now that many of the limits have faded, I hope that young women so inclined jump into technology, to enjoy the bounty of discovery.

Become a venture capitalist — play the Startup Bus game

The South by Southwest [SXSW] conference/event/gathering is happening next week, and this year, there's a unique event that occurs on the way to Austin, Texas, where SXSW is held.  It's the Startup Bus.  Six teams are developing a startup idea while they ride the bus to Austin.  Regular folks can use virtual dollars to invest in the startup of their choice.

Daniela Barbosa, the information scientist and Dow Jones exec, writes about the competition on her blog.  Our colleague and recent transplant to the US, Elias Bizannes of vast.com, is the Brain Behind the Bus.  Visit the Startup Bus site.  Become an investor.  It's fun!