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Devils and details

Read that fine print.  Another CEO family is reaping benefits denied to employees [people who work at the company] and shareholders [people who pay to own part of the company]. 

The step-daughter of Qwest’s CEO attends high school in California, so the company jet is her weekly vehicle for transport between Colorado and California.  Not reimbursed by the CEO or his family.  It’s part of his hiring deal, apparently.

Is it me, or is this a telecom industry practice?  And who decides it’s worth it to cut this kind of a deal with the new CEO?  Are these people not caught up with the latest SEC mission?

There’s another cost. 

Yet another member of the entitlement generation gets another entitlement without doing anything except being the family member of a headhunted executive.  I think a free cellphone for a teenager should be more than enough of a privilege.