She’s geeky, not angry

You know, Mike Swift of the MERCURY NEWS did some work yesterday talking with participants in the unconference.  He was here almost all day, so I don’t understand how he got the impression that the spirit of this gathering is anti-male.

THEREFORE:  I’m repeating here what I shared with Mike yesterday.  As an alum of a women’s college, I can tell you that the last thing women are thinking at all-women gatherings is that we don’t like men.  What we are doing at She’s Geeky is talking about work.  How to develop products, what we think of the Web 2.0 and now 3.0 labels, trends in Open ID, running a Linux server, how to work with the government, user interface design.

Here’s the real scoop, guys:  this unconference is not about you.  IT’S ABOUT THE WORK.  People like me — and by the way, venture capitalists and scientists — do not have the time to get together and sing your praises or kvetch about how you distract us.  We are launching startups, writing books, inventing.

AND:  I would not attend anything aimed at men.  Critical or supportive.  On principle.  I happen to like men.  Some of you, anyway.

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