No time to write, thanks to RSS!

So I’ll start sharing some of the terrific blogs I read.  They run the gamut.  Technology, venture capital, style, business news, commentary.  And branding, of course.

The latest addition to my Netvibes account is Motorcycle Misadventures.  My friend, Carla King, a wonderful writer and technologist, is currently wrapping up another one of her colorful journeys atop a bike that she knows inside and out. 

Carla is a ladylike trailblazer — she proves that femininity is perfectly compatible with carburetors.  In fact, she shows how they work better when you know about both of them.

Carla’s recent posts take us with her and her travel mates Diny and Teresa through China.  Read it and you’ll want to jump in the sidecar.

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